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Web Design is a collection of electronic files that reside on a web servers and present content and interactive features to users in the form of Web pages.

What you see »
There are many elements that go into creating an instantly accessable, world wide extension of your organization. Various forms of graphics and movies please the eye while text and data provide information. A web site can also alow you to communicate with your viewers to answer inquires and to furnish them with specific details.

What you don't see »
Displaying text, graphics and data on the Internet requires tags and code that work with todays browsers to bring your page to your viewers. HTML, ASP, Java, Jquery and CSS are all common Internet languages. All of these are used behind the scenes to give clients a well designed web site. A good designer will optimize graphics to reduce bit depth and resolution while perserving image quality, this improves the load time of pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) provides for improved traffic to your site though un-paid methods. As part of your package we submit your site to the top 10 search engines like Yahoo, Google, AOL and more.

With Set Your Sites, your web site will use all of the above elements and tools provided by search engines to give you a professional Internet presence.

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